About Picture This Video

Picture This Video, LLC is your full-service video production provider specializing in corporate, educational and event video strategies and solutions. We are a woman-owned small business based in the Washington, DC metro area with over 20 years of experience. We provide a range of services for a wide array of clients, from freelance work to script-to-screen production.  We serve production companies and television stations requiring specialized freelance services as well as businesses and organizations needing help with start to finish video marketing and production.

About Our Principal

Sharon Sobel has been interested in television since she was 15 years old. Television and video has given her wonderful opportunities — getting to see things that most people don’t have a chance to see. She loves the challenges and the excitement of doing something different everyday.

Her first job in the video industry (after graduating with a degree in television production from Radford University) was as a production assistant at a local cable company. They videotaped sports events, concerts, parades, studio programs, debates, and city meetings and she was trained on teleprompter, editing, CG, directing, audio, and videography.

Within five months, she was promoted to Programming Manager, but she missed the hands-on experiences of the production world, so she  left to see what other challenges were out there. After four months at a news station, she found a job as an associate producer for Fairfax County Public Schools. Through production on electronic field trips, documentaries, a news program, and other types of educational and public relations programming, she strengthened and enriched her writing, editing, lighting, producing, and videography skills. She then spent a year as a production/office manager for a small production company managing production budgets, doing light bookkeeping, and hiring freelancers.

During this time, Sharon laid the foundation for her freelance company, which she started in 1997. In the past decade, she’s realized that her clients are often lacking a video marketing strategy to go with the video products they are requesting. The skills and contacts acquired over the years have allowed Picture This Video to grow beyond just freelance services to the company it is today: a company offering freelance services, complete script-to-screen production and video marketing strategy and consultation.  Picture This Video can work with clients on a year-long content calendar and retainer model to keep video production efforts in line with anticipated cash flow.

Picture This Video will continue to evolve with the changing culture of video, content creation, and distribution models to ensure that their clients are getting  the value of their expertise, terrific customer service, and video that WORKS!