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Top Five Things To Look For When Hiring A Video Producer

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“For its 2022 Social Media Trends survey, Hootsuite asked businesses what activities they engage in to sell products and services. Their list of choices included influencer promotions, shoppable social posts, user-generated content and more. Short-form videos took the top spot with 39.4% of respondents saying they use them. Social ads were the only other option that over 30% of respondents chose. Joining that list was live stream product/service tutorials at 26%. HubSpot reported similar findings in its 2022 Marketing Industry Trends report. And when marketers were asked what trends they would be leveraging for the first time in 2022, 29% said short-form video content, and 22% said live streaming video. As more and more people get on board with video, you don’t want to be left behind.” Forbes, Jan 28, 2022, “In 2022, Video is Where we all Need to Be” online article
Professional video producers can help with the entire process….from conception and strategy to production to final delivery. They bring a lot to the table including helping with the storytelling, location logistics, who will be needed, when things need to be completed, and how your video is going to reach your target market and ideal clients through their careful use of production design, media acquisition and post-production.

You really want someone with a lot of skill sets. No, they don’t need to be able to scriptwrite and create Star Wars level effects, but having a broad background with a lot of different kinds of videos will help them look at your brand from angles you may have never even considered. That’s the creative part of their skillset! And then working backward to create a plan on how to pull it off- that’s the planning and organization part of their skillset. In addition, here’s a list of the top five things to look for in looking to bring in a video producer. And keep in mind, this doesn’t mean a salaried position—you can bring them in just for a specific video project. They may list themselves as a video producer, or a video production company. In either case, you are outsourcing your video project to this person or company.

Each project and client is has a different requirement, but wouldn’t you feel a bit better if they have worked on a project similar to what you have in mind, or with someone else in your industry? it is best to check the video producer you are planning to hire if they have the background in what you seek. Ask how their background fits with what you have described you’re wanting to do. Do they have samples to share? You can look at their past work to see if they have worked on projects similar to yours.

Bottom line, this is your video project, and the production company is helping you get there. How do they collaborate with their clients in the pre-production, production, and post-production stages? What will you be responsible for? There should be a mutual collaboration between you and the producer for the best results. It is best to finalize how they would like to work with you whether you’ll Will you be required to travel to their location or can you work from the comfort of your home or office (or home office!)?

Management and organization
Video production requires media organization. And it shouldn’t cause you headaches in having to download special software or apps. You’ve got enough on your plate. A lot of exchange of data. Whoever you work with should be able to manage any media assets the data you provide as well as anything they capture on shoots. How do they back up these assets? Picture This Video backs up our client’s media and projects both locally and in the cloud with regular backups with another offsite vendor. It would help if they are organized and have a system in shape to provide you with an easy way to review and “pick up” the work they have produced for you. For example, when we create social media videos, we include the intended platform name in the filename structure so clients know which video is optimized for which platform.

Strategy Guidance
Making the video is just part one of your video being successful. Because a video that no one sees….is a big ol’ waste of money. Understanding who your ideal client is, where they are on the buyer’s journey, and what the video’s goal is will all drive how the video is scripted, shot….AND distributed. Not all producers or production companies have this experience or even offer it. That doesn’t mean it’s not critical. That means you want SOMEONE on the team, whether it’s from your side, or theirs that can contribute to that conversation to ensure the video’s goals and audience are met. We don’t expect you to necessarily be aware of market trends in video marketing. The videos should be made keeping in mind the target audience, goals and the platform for which it is intended.

Just like a car’s sticker shows everything on the car that leads to that price, your proposal should indicate what was considered to come up with the bottom line. This is also where you may be able to identify what might get cut to save costs. Do you REALLY need a union voiceover? What options can the production company offer that may be able to save costs? What goes into their proposals? What is their pricing structure? What are the terms and conditions? The video producer should be transparent about everything to avoid any misunderstandings or confusion about what is expected on both sides later on.

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