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Podcaster Package

As podcasts and YouTube video marketing have increased, it’s even more important to create ways that audiences can find your podcast. Converting your podcast to YouTube content allows you to do just that. Picture This Video can help you make the leap!

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Picture This Video Podcaster Package

Podcaster Package in Northern Virginia and the Metro DC area

This service is perfect for:

  • Podcasters
  • Content creators who want to uplevel and grow their YouTube channel

What our clients say about our Podcaster Package service

Sharon is exactly the live producer we needed. She keeps our live streams on time, organized, and well rehearsed to ensure the show is professional. We deliver a top notch live event each week that bests everyone else because of her skills

The Business of Tech
The Business of Tech March 28, 2024

Sharon has played an important role in the growth of Flight Safety Detectives, both as a podcast and a YouTube channel. Her contributions have been both innovative and cost effective. She is always well-versed on the latest opportunities for us to continue to increase our audience. Working with her is a pleasure.

John Goglia, Flight Safety Detectives
John Goglia, Flight Safety Detectives March 26, 2024

Are you a podcaster ready to take your show to the next level—video?

If you’re not sure where to start (maybe you don’t have a YouTube channel yet), we’ll do a free call with you. If more is needed, we also offer YouTube consulting services.

To get the attention of viewers- and YouTube (which can get you even more viewers and subscribers), you need to do more than just upload your Zoom meeting recording. We can help you by creating branding elements and, if you'd like, we can do the editing of your show for you. You can just hand off your recordings to us, and we’ll do the rest. Or, if you’re comfortable with editing, we’ll just create the graphic elements (such as names, logo, call to action, etc.) for you to drop in.

Sample Graphic Elements

Sample: Transition
Podcast Lower 3rd
Sample: Lower Third
Podcast Like And Subscrib
Sample: Like & Subscribe
Podcast Background And 2 Boxes
Sample: Background with Boxed Hosts

What to expect

How it works

The steps below include both the branding elements and show open/close and trailer. But you don't have to ask for both - let us produce what you need most.

  • Step

    Choose your services

    Decide what kind of services you need for a video version of your podcast. What is the state of your YouTube Channel and editing abilities? Let's talk!

  • Step

    Send us your branding kit

    If you just need brand elements for graphics in your how, you’ll send us your branding kit (at a minimum, your brand’s colors, logo and font preferences) and we’ll create graphic elements based on your branding kit.

  • Step

    If you need a YouTube Trailer and/or Show open/close, schedule a Zoom meeting

    If you need a show open/close/YouTube trailer, we’ll have a meeting with you first to ensure we know what you’re looking for, and what you have for us to work with.

  • Step

    Scriptwriting begins for your videos!

    We'll work together on this, and you'll have two rounds of revisions to make sure it's just right. We'll do this for the YouTube trailer, as well as the standard show open/close.

  • Step

    Schedule recording time, if needed

    If a remote recording session is needed, we’ll schedule that in our virtual studio. This might be needed for your YouTube trailer. You probably already have an audio version of your podcast's show open/close.

  • Step

    Start Editing

    When the script is finalized, and we have everything in hand in terms of what you’d like in your show open/close/trailer, we’ll start the editing.

Podcaster Package Options

Your options

Your choice here: go for both options or just one. Click the order button below to choose your preference.

  • Branding Kit Elements

    $ 495

    Branded elements for your show increase the production quality and keeps consistency in your shows.

      ✓ Animated version of your logo

      ✓ Animated and branded lower third template

      ✓ “Subscribe” lower third

      ✓ Blank lower third graphic to use for names and titles

      ✓ Full screen graphic background template (static or moving)

      ✓ Animated transition

      ✓ End Screen background to use for the last 20 seconds of your YouTube video (leads to increases in click-through and watch time, which means YouTube gives your video more love—and viewers)

      ✓ 2 additional templates of your choice (call to action, social media links, etc)

      ✓ Instructions on how to use the templates in your editing
  • Show open/close and YouTube trailer

    $ 995

    A YouTube trailer identifies your audience and the purpose of your podcast. Adding visuals to the podcast open/close makes every show more professional and dynamic. We build it once, you use it every show.

      ✓ 3 hours scripting

      ✓ Up to one hour remote recording

      ✓ Editing with 2 rounds of revisions
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Why work with us?

We've got your back

    We're familiar with the needs and goals of business-minded podcasters

    It's no secret that businesses in every industry have increases in sales and reach new audiences globally with podcasts. YouTube's marketing tools help your podcast stand out and provide more media to repurpose in your marketing.

    Proven results

    Our best podcasting client has tripled his subscriber base to over 20K YouTube subscribers! And, he's surpassed 1 million views on his podcast's YouTube channel!

    More than just content creation -- get marketing strategy ideas

    Picture This Video specializes in video marketing strategy, so we can offer ideas to uplevel your podcast to appeal to more people in your target market.

    We already know video

    You might have gotten to a great spot with the audio version of your podcast, but aren't sure about video. We produce shows that work for both audiences so no one feels short-changed.

Podcast We'vegotyourback

Frequently Asked Questions

Quick answers to common questions folks like you ask about our Podcaster Packages

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Freelance & Editing Rates according to role

T-shirt that reads: I am an artist. This does not mean I will work for free. I have bills just like you. Thank you for understanding.
  • Role Title

    Up to 5 hours
    Up to 10 hours
  • Associate Producer

  • Videographer – labor only

  • HD Videography w/gear

  • Teleprompter Operator w/gear

  • Remote Recording

    $105 per hour
  • Webcast/Event Producer onsite w/client

  • Webcast/Event Producer from PTV office

  • Terms

    • Mileage: Picture This Video works in the Metro DC area within a 25 mile radius of Fairfax, VA, with no travel fees. Additional mileage is charged at the current IRS rate.
    • Time is charged from arrival on site to departure from site.
      Our rates typically are based on 1/2 day (5 hours) or full days (10 hours).
    • For each hour over 10 in a day, the cost will be time and a half times the hourly rate for that job’s full day rate.
    • Cancellation of a scheduled scripting, videotaping or editing date may incur a kill fee:
      • 24-48 hours notice: $250
      • less than 24 hours notice: $300
      This is in addition to the cost of any rented equipment, and sub-contractors' kill fees.
    • Other rates & services available on request.
    • Invoices are due upon receipt. Deposit may be required.
  • Editing Rates

    Up to 10 hours
  • Logger / Digitizer – external system

    $36 per hour
  • Logger / Digitizer – internal system

    $55 per hour
  • Adobe Premiere editing – external system

    $75 per hour
  • Adobe Premiere editing – internal system

    $95 per hour