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Navigating Video Marketing: It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

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Welcome to the wild world of video marketing, where promises are grand, and expectations are high. Imagine it like setting sail on a ship of dreams, but we need to be real—there are a few unexpected waves to ride. So, buckle up, because you’re about to explore the high seas of video marketing and uncover the treasures (and the occasional sea monsters) that lie beneath the surface.

Expectation: Instant Success
Reality: Like a Fine Wine, Success Gets Better with Time

So, you’ve created your first video and are expecting the internet to throw a party in your honor. Well, hold on to your party hat because success is more like aging fine wine than a one-night rave. It takes time and consistency to build that distinguished taste that your audience will keep coming back for.

Expectation: High Production Costs
Reality: Your Smartphone Just Might Be the Hero You Never Knew You Had

You don’t need a Hollywood budget to make waves in video marketing. Think of it like making a gourmet meal with budget-friendly ingredients – it’s all about the creativity and the love you put into it. The best plan is to decide how much you want to spend on the production, and work within it. That might mean your smartphone and a tripod, or it might mean a studio shoot. There’s a time and a way for most budgets! Picture This Video can help you creatively decide which way to spend your dollars, even if it’s not all with us.

Expectation: Going Viral Equals Success
Reality: Engagement Metrics Are the True VIPs

Sure, going viral sounds like a party, but the real VIPs are engagement metrics- meaning, how- and how many- people are interacting with your video? Likes, shares, comments – these are the A-listers of video success. It’s like having an intimate gathering where everyone knows each other and is genuinely interested, rather than a massive but disinterested crowd. This also means sometimes you’ll find more success on YouTube than on a social media platform where your audience can scroll on by.

Expectation: One-Size-Fits-All Content
Reality: Your Audience Deserves a Custom Wardrobe

Not everyone rocks the same fashion style, right? Well, your audience is in different places, too—-in the buyer’s journey, that is! One of the key components of a successful (video) marketing campaign is having different videos for different audiences, depending on how they know you, and what you want them to know next.

Don’t make a video that:

  1. Introduces your business,
  2. Tells the audience everything you do/produce, and why you’re different
  3. Finally tells them who else loves this product/service and how they can buy it.

People have to “know, like and trust” you before they will buy. Make a video so they know you, another video so they like you, and a third video that allows them to trust you enough to buy what you’re selling.

Expectation: Video Marketing Replaces Other Strategies
Reality: It’s the Avengers, Not a Solo Act

Thinking video marketing is the superhero that replaces all other strategies? Hold your horses, Batman! It’s more like the Avengers working together. Video plays a crucial role, but it’s part of a dynamic team that includes written content, social media, good website content, and other superheroes. In other words, it’s just another tool in the marketing toolbox. You need other tools, too!

Video marketing may be unpredictable, but a good campaign will be memorable, authentic, targeted, and engaging. Hitting those marks can’t help but bring success! So, set sail with authenticity, engage like a rockstar, tailor your content wardrobe, and let your marketing strategy be an ensemble cast of awesomeness.

Sharon Sobel

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Sharon Sobel provides a range of services for a wide array of clients, from freelance work to script-to-screen production. We serve production companies and television stations requiring specialized freelance services, as well as businesses and organizations needing help with script-to-screen video marketing and production.

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