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Field Producing

Freelance Roles

Depending on the complexity of the video shoot, it’s not always the best idea to have one person wearing all of the hats! In those cases, it’s best to have a field producer on hand. Field producers serve as the liaison between the client and the crew, managing expectations and the day’s schedule to ensure everything that is expected out of the day….is completed within schedule and budget. The production coordinator is responsible for more of the administrative tasks of a video project, while the field producer is responsible for more of the on-set work done on the shoot days.

If there is a teleprompter operator, the field producer makes sure that the teleprompter operator has the script in advance, and introduces the appropriate person on the client side to the teleprompter operator in case script changes need to be made. The director of photography and the lighting and/or art departments are provided the information on each scene by the field producer and/or director, so that they can establish the right look for that scene. If a site survey is needed in advance, the field producer will go out with the crew on the site survey to ensure any identified challenges are addressed prior to the shoot day. The field producer also may work with a script supervisor to ensure that they have what’s needed to ensure continuity and that no dialogue is missed.

More freelance roles Picture This Video can fulfill

Freelance & Editing Rates according to role

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  • Role Title

    Up to 5 hours
    Up to 10 hours
  • Associate Producer

  • Videographer – labor only

  • HD Videography w/gear

  • Teleprompter Operator w/gear

  • Remote Recording

    $105 per hour
  • Webcast/Event Producer onsite w/client

  • Webcast/Event Producer from PTV office

  • Terms

    • Mileage: Picture This Video works in the Metro DC area within a 25 mile radius of Fairfax, VA, with no travel fees. Additional mileage is charged at the current IRS rate.
    • Time is charged from arrival on site to departure from site.
      Our rates typically are based on 1/2 day (5 hours) or full days (10 hours).
    • For each hour over 10 in a day, the cost will be time and a half times the hourly rate for that job’s full day rate.
    • Cancellation of a scheduled scripting, videotaping or editing date may incur a kill fee:
      • 24-48 hours notice: $250
      • less than 24 hours notice: $300
      This is in addition to the cost of any rented equipment, and sub-contractors' kill fees.
    • Other rates & services available on request.
    • Invoices are due upon receipt. Deposit may be required.
  • Editing Rates

    Up to 10 hours
  • Logger / Digitizer – external system

    $36 per hour
  • Logger / Digitizer – internal system

    $55 per hour
  • Adobe Premiere editing – external system

    $75 per hour
  • Adobe Premiere editing – internal system

    $95 per hour