The Truth About Producing Videos For YouTube

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Did you know that over 800 MILLION videos have been uploaded on YouTube since its inception? It’s also worth mentioning that approximately 500 hours of content is uploaded on the video streaming platform every minute. In addition, 62% of businesses use YouTube as a channel to showcase marketing videos.

However, looking at YouTube as a means to just share marketing videos is not taking advantage of its ability to engage, teach, and inspire. Also, many myths surround YouTube production, which stifles the outcome.

So, to ensure you follow the right course of action and get the outcome you hoped for, Picture This Video has demystified Youtube video production. Read on to learn more.

1. YouTube is a way for the world to see my videos. 

Yes, the world CAN see your videos, but only if they know where to look for them or the YouTube and Google algorithms help.

Think about YouTube as a million-page book, and your name gets featured on page 3,672, about ten lines down. Now, if someone asked you to find your name in it, would you have any clue how to do that? 

YouTube content creators must work to get people to find their videos by using compelling thumbnails that inform. It’s also essential to consider Keyword optimization and what search terms might get used to discover video content.

2. I should spend copious hours making my video perfect before I release it. 

No, you shouldn’t. It’s more important to get videos released on a consistent schedule rather than making every single one perfect and only releasing six a year. 

Keep in mind that YouTube doesn’t consider your production quality to decide whether to boost your video or channel in searchers. It wants to know that you’re serious about putting content out regularly. The Youtube algorithm also wants to know if people find your content more engaging than similar content. 

If the answer is yes to both, YouTube will recommend your content. Remember that 90% of YouTube views come from videos that YouTube recommends. On the flip side, it means that only 10% of YouTube views are organic (meaning, you’ve listed the URL for the video somewhere, and maybe/maybe not, someone has shared it with others). 

3. I can count on YouTube to share my videos, as the production value is high. 

Not really. Until YouTube comes up with a business model where you can pay them to share your video, YOU’LL HAVE TO DO THE WORK YOURSELF. 

Therefore, you should make sure your thumbnails look great. It also means ensuring your keywords are optimized (use a tool like TubeBuddy to get it right). These elements are way more important than the production value of your video. 

Again, think about YouTube as a giant book. You read the book jacket to decide if you will open it. For example, the description and the art on the jacket are what you inspect before opening the book. So don’t underestimate investing time and care into thumbnails and keywords. It’s almost more important than your script. 

4. People will choose to watch my video if it looks good, even if someone else’s content is more compelling, but the production value is lower. 

It’s more important to create compelling content rather than worry if your lighting or background is perfect. 

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