Welcome! Here are some clips of work produced by Picture This Video that may inspire you to consider us for your next job.

Fundraising Video

This video was produced using footage shot over the course of two days. Additional footage and interviews were obtained to create additional videos with different themes as part of a campaign. Bronze Award Winner for DC Peer Awards 2016

Animated Explainer Video

This video was created for an association which wanted to educate its older members on how to set up a Twitter account. A storyboard was designed and tweaked by the client, which then was used by our motion graphics artist to direct the animation.

Case Study Video

An international software company identified a client — and one of the client’s clients — to demonstrate how their software makes both of them more successful. This footage and interviews were captured in one day with a two-person crew. Picture This Video then wrote and edited the final piece.

Marketing video for talent

This was a marketing video produced for a local woman who wanted to break into major markets as a segment host. We helped her decide how to best sell herself to programming producers, and did the HD shooting, interviewing, writing, and editing. We also helped her tap into getting her video in front of the right people.

Marketing video for IT Business

This was one of five videos produced for a local IT company to help them obtain additional clients. It was shot on HD, and the client selected the soundbites to use from the raw footage, and also provided some footage and graphics. Picture This Video was responsible for the interview and b-roll shoots, the music and shot selection, and editing.