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Picture This Video

Production design may not seem like an aspect that should be considered in corporate video. However, it’s a major aspect when it comes to having an understanding of what kind of budget the project may require. So our initial conversations with clients WILL involve production design.

Production design describes the overall look and feel of a production. Will props be needed? Where will the shoot take place? Does a set need to be constructed in a studio? Do we need a location scout? Do we need hair/makeup? What kind of camera should we use?

As these questions get answered, we start being able to “picture this video”, and the costs involved with the shoot day.


  • Picture This Video
  • Picture This Video
  • Picture This Video

Media acquisition answers the question, “where will the visuals come from?” These days, the answer isn’t always “a camera on location”! Remote recording may be an option (we use a professional recording platform whose quality is contingent on the webcam resolution, not the internet capability); stock footage, animation, or imagery supplied by the client themselves. We figure this out in the scripting process so that we can then design a shot list for the shoot day, and also identify how we will get the other visuals identified to support the narration.

It’s important to consider the content in the conceptualization phase. More abstract concepts can’t just be visualized with going on a shoot. It may be better to animate the concepts as an analogous concept, and illustrate the analogy. We’ll discuss this in our initial meeting with you.


Picture This Video

This is the editing phase! It happens after all the shooting is completed. We look at the script that’s been approved and start matching up the best visuals, best takes, and adding graphics and music to bring up the production value, increase the emotional impact and connect with the audience. The editing phase is typically the longest part of the process and we work collaboratively- yet remotely- with our clients to ensure that we are both able to “picture this video”, and the picture looks the same on both sides!

Praise from our customers

I want to express our appreciation to you for the film you produced at the Career Center's In-School Branch Opening…the professional quality of the piece is superb. I have shared it with my CEO, managers and Board of Directors, and they are all equally impressed.

- Patty Browne, Community Relations Manager, Arlington Virginia Federal Credit Union

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