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Please take a look at the video showcase above to see the different types of messages that social media videos can bring to life and leverage.  Notice how an engaging, effective social media video is designed and created.  Your social media posts are competing with everything else in your target market’s feed so it’s critical that your post has a strong capture factor to “stop the scroll”.  Video can accomplish engagement and bring your message and brand to life—but that has to happen in the first few seconds!

An engaging, effective social media video starts with a “hook”—something compelling that resonates with the viewer and enables them to see themselves in message—in the experience. The words and images that follow provide the details of the message. The video concludes with a call to action that cultivates circular communication and response.

An impactful social media video is not just a video that you created for something/somewhere else and then uploaded to social media.  Engaging, effective social media videos:

Think about your business. What do you want to promote throughout the year?

  • Successfully connect and drive action when muted—the audio is not essential to deliver the message—it’s just a plus
  • Are brief with maximum effectiveness
  • Have a strong capture factor—they grab your target markets’ attention with fast, exciting graphics that showcase the point quickly
  • Include a compelling call to action that drives next steps
  • Do you have sales or promos throughout the year that would benefit from a strong boost?
  • Do you want to introduce new staff members or collaborative partnerships?
  • Is there an award that you want to promote or a long-standing employee you want to honor?
  • Do you want to highlight different facets of your multi-faceted business?
  • Do you want to connect with your prospects and existing clients during the holidays?

It is most effective to create social media videos that drill down and focus on these components and are targeted to the specific audience you want to reach with them. A “super video” —in which EVERYTHING is packed — is not effective on social media. The more customized your social media videos—the more effective they are. It’s critical to use your platforms, with their different corresponding audiences, to your advantage. You can make your social media videos truly work for you!Picture This Video believes effective video marketing isn’t accomplished with one or two videos a year.

Just like with any marketing effort, you need to build and leverage your target market penetration and increase your ROI—it’s not a one-and-done outreach tool. For this reason, we offer our social media videos in packages of three up to 40. There’s no time limit as to when you need to use them. You can choose the number of videos that fits your budget and goals and objectives. The more videos you purchase—the less the per-video price is.

Pricing starts at less than $500 for a package of three videos. For less than $2800, you can get up to 40 videos. Each video will be produced for the platforms you designate, and can also be formatted (at no extra charge) for website embedding.

Please contact us today to discuss how video can help you meet your business growth goals.

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I am so incredibly impressed with how you took a challenging environment, my lack of knowing what the requirements for good taping were, and a bunch of volunteers, and made them look like ROCK STARS who were filmed in a very high tech environment!! I could gush for an hour easily!

- Lisa Person, Director of Member Communities, CompTIA

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